A little over six years ago, while living as a missionary in Africa, Christiane Sears came across a book by Corrie Ten Boom. This was no ordinary book which was apparent from reading its humorous title, “Tramp for the Lord” and the proud picture of an elderly woman wearing knee-high stockings and her hair up in a bun on the back cover. It was while reading this book that the desire and calling was perceived to one day travel throughout the United States sharing the love and hope of Christ through acts of charity.

Being an advocate for charitable and volunteer work, Christiane created Acts of Charity – a non-profit organization which offers services and support to other non-profits, communities and individuals around the country. In its first year, Acts of Charity seeks to promote, engage, educate and inform others on the benefits of volunteering and giving back to their communities. Social responsibility and humanitarian aid relief are the main reason Acts of Charity exists! It is an organization that puts caring and commitment into action through community-based philanthropic projects.


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