Our trip to McBee, SC to pick up the RV!

Christine & Barry Brown

It had been a long day, though one of the most blessed days of my life! Grateful & happy — with Christine Langford.

We arrived at Brown’s RV Superstore in McBee, SC early Thursday morning on May 29, 2014. Christine and I, both, were filled with energetic enthusiasm as we pulled into the entrance that displayed colorful balloons floating all around it.  This dealership had a quaint and cozy feel. We loved it from the moment we arrived! A nice gentleman greeted us as we walked by him rocking steadily in a country rocking chair on the impressively long front porch. From there we were greeted by several staff and the owner, Barry Brown. They all made us feel right at home. Everyone was so nice and made sure the experience was a positive one – but how could it not be? They were giving us an RV!

The day flew by and was so surreal. I enjoyed watching the excitement as Christine hammed it up in front of the camera. Who wouldn’t love her infectious smile and laugh. She definitely got a taste of what it’s like being a celebrity. I was so happy she was the one given this experience and amazing opportunity. After over seven hours of photo shoots, filming a commercial, going through the RV info, & practice driving/parking, we finally took off down the road with excitement for the journey ahead.

Christine Langford‘s friend, Love, lives only an hour away from McBee, so we stopped briefly to visit with her. Then we made our way to Asheville, NC and spent the first night in the RV at a nearby Cracker Barrel parking lot. lol

The next day we spent the afternoon in Asheville. Christine and I are artists, so this town was full of inspiration! Many up and coming artists have found their way to Asheville since the community fully embraces creativity. I love discovering new artists. This time I fell in love with Kelly Rae Roberts work – so much that I purchased a cute set of her coasters for the RV. They’re adorable!

We also visited the Basilica of St. Lawrence – absolutely breath-taking and holy! And before leaving,  we had the most amazing lunch across the street at Romans. It was delicious! I loved this quaint little shop and appreciated discovering scripture from 3 John written on the bathroom wall. 

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things, and be in health, just as your soul prospers”. ~ 3 John 1:2

Another highlight to our trip was randomly running into a long time Cincinnati friend, Kadie. I knew she moved to Asheville three years ago and was hoping to visit with her while I was there. We Facebook messaged, but with her job and going back to school it didn’t look like getting together would be possible. Right before Christine and I were ready to leave for Cincinnati, we decided to stop in this little gallery near the railroad tracks. Low and behold, Kadie’s name was on display with the other artists in the building. I was hoping she would be there when I went up stairs and sure enough I just happened to catch her in her studio. Even though it was brief, I’m so glad to have been able to spend time with such an amazingly talented and beautiful soul. 

ChristianeOur trip to McBee, SC to pick up the RV!

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  1. Emily Baumann

    Congrats on getting the RV and truck! What a wonderful start to this adventure. It is sweet the way God has used Christine in this…really sweet pics. I have always wanted to see Asheville and it sounds like a cool place. So happy for you, Christiane!

  2. Deborah Thompson

    What a blessing!!! My husband and I continue to pray and look forward to carrying out the purpose and calling God has placed in our hearts every day. We know that we are to go out and be missionaries to the lost, hurting souls in our country. To show them God’s love in simple acts of love, kindness, provision, help and encouragement. We know that this is what we are meant to do and we know that every small thing done in the Love of Christ will change lives in a very real way. We’re still in the process of figuring out how we’re gonna get a truck and 5th wheel to make our purpose and dreams happen..but we know that God works all things out for the good of His children. I pray you guys have a wonderful time in your new rig and have God’s favor and provision every day.
    God Speed,
    Deborah Thompson

  3. Nyria Acosta-Pearl

    You and Christine carry the glory of the Lord well! You are both radiant with His presence. Thank you for being an example of kingdom.

    May you hear Him say “Go!” and journey where He leads. May you listen and obey. May you carry no fear. May you let go of anything weighing you down.

    You are an exceptional woman!

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