My new dwelling place!

I can't believe it! I am humbled by God's love and provision. This is the RV Christine won and is giving to me!

In just two weeks I’ll have an RV!!! Christine called me last night and the RV dealership has the 2nd choice model I chose in stock (sadly, my 1st choice was recently sold), so we are going down to South Carolina, hopefully, on Tuesday, May 27th to pick it up! I am so excited! Oh boy, now I have two weeks to find a truck to haul it!! Anyone have one they want to donate to Acts of Charity?

Here’s the awesome story of God’s provision and how this all happened:

God has just blown my mind by His faithfulness!! I’ve been trusting that He would provide the RV for my missionary journey and I’ve been telling people I would be getting it in May. I was completely walking in faith and creatively thinking and asking, “God, how are you going to do this?”

Several months ago, I found a contest online to win an RV. I signed up immediately and then felt prompted by God to invite others to enter the contest too. I asked if they won that they would choose to bless me and my missions work by donating the RV to Acts of Charity. I felt God wanted me to ask people to be involved with my ministry and that I was to specifically ask for help and not try to do this on my own. That is my tendency – doing everything on my own, in my own strength. My last mission experience I did not let people join me or ask for their support. God showed me how I was not giving others the opportunity to come alongside me; how I was keeping God from blessing me; and preventing others from being blessed by God.

RV giveaway sm

So on January 17, 2014 I emailed about sixty of my friends asking them to enter a RV giveaway contest. Well on April 25, 2014 I received a call from my friend, Christine Langford. She told me she got a call that day saying she was selected as the winner of the RV from over 43,000 entries! The contest had been going on for the past year, all around the country, at various RV dealerships! I totally had to sit down when I heard the good news! I believed God was going to provide, but once He did I was honestly overwhelmed by humility and emotion. Not only because He answered my prayer, but also by Christine’s support and generosity in faithfully giving me the prize!

This is the kind of stuff God does – multiple blessings! I know God is going to bless Christine because of her obedience in doing what God intrusted of her. That’s the very reason He chose HER to bless me with provision for my missionary journey! If I could help bless someone with the thing that they were asking God for and needed to do the work of the Lord, I would do it in a heartbeat! Being used by God and having him show up and work through me in a powerful way is one of the greatest experiences I have ever felt! I’m so glad I followed His leading in giving others the opportunity for God to do that through them.

Wow! What an amazing answer to prayer! Receiving this RV is an awesome testimony of the provisions and blessings of God. He is soo good! Also it’s just one more of the many confirmations I’ve received that I am walking in God’s will for my life. I am so undeserving, yet so grateful for His outpouring of love.

Super exciting!! Talk about a amazing story that gives God the opportunity to shine and one that gives Him the glory!

Psalm 84

You can see a video of an identical Starcraft Launch 26BHS RV at the link below. I can’t wait to make it my dwelling place!


ChristianeMy new dwelling place!

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    1. Post

      Thanks Rich! I’m definitely overwhelmed by God’s goodness and provision. When you truly step out in faith to what you believe is His calling for your life and focus on serving Him and loving others, great things happen!! There’s no doubt about it!

  1. Gerry Spears

    Nice trailer Christiane! Looks like lots of storage areas for you and a big refrigerator too! 26′ is a nice to have. How will you be using the bunks? Just curious. I have often thought that that would be great storage and other possibilities when you don’t need to use them for beds.

    Glad to hear that the festival went well for you and now you are able to begin your adventure on the road!

    My hope is that I will get the green light from the Holy Spirit soon to go. For now, I am selling things and trying to get rid of stuff that I don’t need.

    Keep in touch & enjoy the ride of seeing all of God’s creations that are endless!
    Peace and Grace, Gerry

    1. Post

      Hi Gerry! It’s so nice to hear from you. I hope your decluttering process is going well. I let go of a lot and had a huge yard sale before I left, yet I still have too much stuff. I have the bunks completely stacked full of bins with my clothes and other items. They are really the only storage areas I have for clothes besides two small half closets on each side of the bed. I was hoping to take out the bunks and turn that space into a walk-in closet, though I axed the idea once I found out my hot water heater was stored under the bottom bunk.

      After this year, I will decide if I will keep living in the trailer and on the road. If so, I may have the top bunk removed and install shelves and racks for hanging my clothes. I need some sort of organization system. The one I have is currently not working.

      I definitely am enjoying the ride! So far I’m completely amazed by the wonderfully kind and loving people God’s brought into my life. I certainly hope our paths cross as well and we can meet up at some point. Let’s go see God’s creation together!! :)

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